Join us

How to become our member?

As an adult, there is only 3 steps:

  1. Fill out the membership form.
  2. Submit the signed membership form to the office: or Juurdeveo 22a-2, Tallinn 11313.
  3. Pay the annual membership fee.

In the membership application, you are asked to fill in the name of the unit – if you are not joining any specific unit (for which prior agreement with the unit leader is required), write “individual member” in that field.

If you are underage, there are 4 steps:

  1. Find a suitable unit and inquire with them to see if it is possible to join their unit. (ESÜ activities are based on voluntary participation, so we can admit new underage members according to the availability of volunteer scout leaders in the respective unit).
  2. Fill out the membership form.
  3. Send the signed membership form from a parent/guardian to the leader or ESÜ office ( or Juurdeveo 22a-2, Tallinn 11313).
  4. Pay the annual membership fee (clarify with the leader whether you need to pay it to the leader or directly to ESÜ).

Are you looking for adventures and challenges in your life? Do you want to make new friends from all over the world?

Do you want to have exciting experiences in new areas as a volunteer? Do you want to learn games or media communication, build adventures, or learn to survive in nature, become a camp counselor or experience culinary arts?