Members fee

Our membership fee in 2024 is 15 euros.

New members who join the Estonian Scouts Association after October 1st of the current fiscal year are eligible for a membership fee discount. The membership fee for new members in the current fiscal year is 5 euros.

Family discounts apply for multiple members from the same family:

  • 1st member of the family – 15 euros,
  • 2nd member of the family – 12 euros,
  • 3rd member of the family – 9 euros,
  • 4th (and more) member of the family – 6 euros.

In addition to the family discounts described above, it is possible to pay a family membership fee of 40 euros for the entire family (up to two adults and their children) when registering as a member of the Estonian Scouts Association.

The membership fee is non-refundable.

Supportter membership fee

If you want to support the activities of the Estonian Scouts Association, you can pay a supporter membership fee, which starts at 30 euros. Please indicate “supporter membership fee” in the payment details. To receive a tax deduction for the supported amount, please also include your personal identification code in the payment details.

P.S. If you do not want your name to be published in the list of supporters of the Estonian Scouts Association, please also indicate this in the payment details (for example, “anonymous donation”).

It is also possible to designate the income received from the tax return as a donation directly to the ESÜ account when filling out the tax return.


The Estonian Scouts Association collects membership fees separately for each member. There are two ways to pay membership fees:

1. Make a transfer to LHV bank: account number EE687700771000674448, reciever Eesti Skautide Ühing and add description „MEMBERSHIP FEE/ NAME OF THE UNIT / Name Lastname 15EUR, Name Lastname 12EUR“. If you are paying for a group of people you can add the description “MEMBERSHIP FEE / NAME OF THE UNIT / 21×15EUR, 5×12EUR, 2×9EUR“ + send an email to our members coordinator at, to the email you should add the names and amounts for whom did you pay for.

2. Visit our Scout Shop and choose “ESÜ liikmemaks 2023“. Choose the appropriate membership fee amount and complete the purchase. If paying for multiple members, add the names of all members in the notes field.

Membership fee exemption

If there are members in your unit who cannot pay the annual membership fee, you can ask for the membership fee exemption. For that you should write an email to

You can use the example:

Please exempt the following members from Estonian Scouts Association’s annual membership fee for the year 2023: John Miller, Jane Miller.

Anne Adams
Männimetsa unit leader

The board of Estonian Scouts Association will look into the application and confirm the request. You do not need to write a new application for a new year. It is enough to send an email to saying “John and Jane are also active member this year and will continue to use the exemption of the membership fee.”.

It is also possible to apply for a membership fee exemption for adult members (including yourself). However, adult members must submit a new application each year.