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Nimi: International Rover Week Winter 2020
Koht: Kandersteg, Šveits
Aeg: 30.12.2019-06.01.2020
Sihtgrupp: vanus 18-26
Sisu: Take a chance to experience the Permanent Mini Jamboree and unforgettable New Years Eve in the breathtaking surroundings of snowy Swiss Alps! Between the 30.12.2019 and 06.01.2020, Rovers from all around the world will gather at the World Scout Centre for one single reason: to experience the International Friendship that only Scouting can offer. During the event, you will have the chance to experience the Permanent Mini Jamboree, do a wide range of KISC best winter activities and enter the New Year with fellow Rovers. All Rovers, Rangers and Leaders, 18 to 26 years old, who are members of a National Scout Organisation recognised by WOSM or WAGGGS can participate. You can participate individually or together with a friend. However, we limit the number of participants per country if too many people from one country apply. We do this is to ensure the cultural diversity of the event.
Rohkem infot: https://www.kisc.ch/programme-adventure/international-rover-week-winter20



Nimi: Baltais Vilks
Koht: Läti
Aeg: 10.-12.01.2020
Sisu: Continuing the tradition, started in the first independence period of Latvia- to gather every year in Ložmetējkalns to thank our heroes- the Latvian Riflemen, who fought for their fatherland in World War One. For the 18th time scouts and guides will assemble in the annual Winter gathering „Baltais Vilks” („The White Wolf”). In the gathering the history of World War One and Latvian Riflemen will be explored, discussed and remembered together with the youth. Interactive activities are planned for the gathering.
Participants will challenge their character living outdoors in the Nordic Winter, will get new friends and will learn new things about history.
Rohkem infothttps://www.facebook.com/events/latvijas-skauti-un-gaidas/baltais-vilks-2020/594145317718978/



Nimi: Landsmot Skata
Koht: Akureyri, Island
Aeg: 08.-14.07.2020
Sihtgrupp: osalejad sündinud 1997-2009, IST 19+
Sisu: The Icelandic National Jamboree 2020 will we held in Hamrar Scout Centre, an amazing campsite in the northern parts of Iceland. Scouts and guides ages 10 years and older from all over the world are invited to join us from July 8th through July 14th 2020. We’ll focus on building a better world together with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding principle. We’ll learn ways to make the world a better place for everyone, try new things, make great friends and above all else, have fun.
Come participate in fun, exciting and life changing activities in Iceland next summer!
Rohkem infot: http://skatamot.is/english/



Nimi: Uusimaa piirileiri Valkama 2020
Koht: Hanko, Soome
Aeg: 15.-23.07.2020
Sihtgrupp: osalejad vanuses 14-17, IST 18+
Sisu: Valkama is the ninth District camp of the Guides and Scouts District of Uusimaa. It will be held on 15-23 July 2020 at the Syndalen camp site in Southern Finland, near the town of Hanko. The camp will be the highlight of the summer that offers fun activities to all ages and inspires scouts and non-scouts from Uusimaa and the rest of the world to enjoy the camp life! There will be even 3000 participants, and we are hoping for many international participants from all around the world! As one of the first large scouting events of the new decade, Valkama has its focus firmly on the future. The camp aims at opening the discussion on what a scout camp looks like in the 2020s. The old and the new will meet in unexpected ways, offering surprises to everyone. The camp site consists mostly of boreal pine forest and sandy beaches, which creates a wonderful settings to both the daily programme and the large get-togethers such as the opening and closing ceremonies!
Rohkem infot: https://uusimaa.partio.fi/nyt/valkama/



Nimi: EuroJam 2020 
Koht: Gdansk, Poola
Aeg: 27.07.-06.08.2020
Sihtgrupp: osalejad vanuses 14-17, IST 18+
Sisu: We have one simple call for you – ACT!
Imagine Scouts and Guides not only talking about change, imagine Scouts and Guides joining the European Jamboree to ACT.
The programme will be based on three pillars:
   1. “Every Scout and Guide possesses the potential to become a driver of social change. So come to the Jamboree to WAKE UP and discover your power! You will interACT with Scouts and Guides of various cultures, various languages and various countries.” We want to WAKE UP Scouts and Guides and encourage them to challenge themselves, search for the skills they have and practice new ones. These elements of the programme will be based on 21st century skills.
   2. “Use your time at the Jamboree to LOOK AROUND (the Global Goals will guide you), to learn through adventures, eye-opening discussions, and inspiring workshops”. We want to look around carefully, so Scouts and Guides can gain knowledge of exactly what is needed and be aware of what to look for in their local communities and globally. This part of the programme will be based on Sustainable Global Goals.
   3. “Using your skills and knowing where the helping hand is needed, ACT and make a change in society. ACT wisely. ACT decisively.” We want to encourage Scouts and Guides to be active, not to stay passive, reACT whenever it is needed. This part of the programme will be based on real ACTion of the Jamboree participants – changemakers.
Adventure awaits you. Press play!
Rohkem infot: https://ej2020.org/jamboree/  



Nimi: Jamborette

Kohti: Ninove, Belgia

Aeg: 18.-28.07.2020

Sihtgrupp: 14-18. aastastele skautitele

Sisu: You will not be bored out during this camp! We have provided various activities such as games, shows, a big dinner etc. Also we will arrange visits to some of Belgium's most beautiful cities. 

Rohkem infot: https://www.jamborette.be/



Nimi: BrumJam / The Birmingham Jamboree
Koht: Blackwell Court, Bromsgrove, Inglismaa
Aeg: 01.-08.08.2020
Sihtgrupp: osalejad vanuses 10-17, IST 18+
Sisu: The Programme Team are busy organising a whole raft of activities and entertainment to make sure all of our participants, including adults, have a great time at BrumJam 2020. In keeping with our theme of ‘Shaping the Future’ our 6 days of daytime activities will challenge participants and give them the opportunity to develop skills and attributes to help them shape their own future.  Each participant will be able to experience new activities as well as some of your old favourites.  The Programme has been split into 6 areas or attributes with every participant at the Jamboree getting the opportunity to take part in every zone.
Rohkem infot: https://www.brumjam.org/



Nimi: FLOW
Koht: Viin, Austria
Aeg: 03.-12.08.2020
Sihtgrupp: osalejad vanuses 10-17, IST 18+
Sisu: With the FLOW, we strive to create a scout and guide camp in and jointly with the city of Vienna. Children and young adults from all over the world will come together to have fun, experience friendship and live the scout spirit. Our top priorities are an environmentally friendly event, social inclusion and a balanced programme. We want to make scouting visible in our city and leave behind a permanent symbol for the camp.
Rohkem infot: https://jamborette.at/?lang=en



Nimi: Pikksilm
Asukoht: Kotkajärve, Kanada
Aeg: 15.-22.08.2020
Sihtgrupp: kõik vanused
Sisu: Tore võimalus olla eestikeelses laagris välismaal. 
Rohkem infot: https://pikksilm2020.org/ 



Järgmine Soome suurlaager ehk Finjamboree toimub aastal 2022 Soomes, Evos.

Järgmine Maailmajamboree ehk WSJ (World Scout Jamboree) toimub 01.-12.08.2023 Lõuna-Koreas. 



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